Baxter Batting is committed to developing consistently powerful swings.

Using the language of

Ted Williams, Don Slaught, and Chuck Hoyle,

it is our mission to take a scientific approach

towards obtaining a Hall of Fame swing.

Here’s What Some Experts Are Saying About Baxter Batting:

Cal has helped me with aspects of my swing others could not. If you want to learn the most efficient and powerful way to hit a baseball, I would highly recommend Cal to anyone looking for a hitting instructor.

Ian Rice

Tennessee Smokies

Cal Baxter was a client of mine for 10 years.  He was not only a great hitter at Flint Hill HS, but more importantly, an outstanding student of hitting.  We have engaged in many hours of conversations regarding the different aspects of the baseball swing.  He has assisted me in conducting many hitting clinics and private lessons over the years.  There is no one more certified to teach hitting than Cal.  I highly recommend him to any parent, coach, or player who wishes to learn a modern day swing that generates power.

Chuck Hoyle

Hitting Instructor, Hoyle Hitting

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"If you're 10 years old and your coach tells you to get on top of the ball, tell him no."

-- Josh Donaldson