Why Baxter Batting?

The hardest thing to do in any sport is hit a baseball. Consistency and power are two measurements with which we determine great hitters, and the best professional batters have honed their swings to produce the most efficient path to the baseball. Yet, even with all of the advanced video technology we have today, most people speak about the swing with mysticism. By creating hitters with more homeruns, higher batting averages, and fewer strikeouts, we will change the culture of how hitting is taught. These statistics are attainable for any player at any age as long as we tackle the problem at hand diligently. The job is simple: match the plane of the pitch with the barrel of the bat for as long as possible with maximum force.
Through video analysis and comparison of your player to Miguel Cabrera (or anyone else who hits .300 with 25+ homeruns), we will see differences.  Then, using personalized drills, we will fix each flaw in the swing one at a time. Hitting a baseball is difficult.  It requires commitment and conviction.  I study video, create drills, and send detailed notes of lessons to ensure improvement in swing plane and bat speed.  If you work with me, you will not only become a better hitter, but discover that you can apply this learning process to anything.

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"If you're 10 years old and your coach tells you to get on top of the ball, tell him no."

-- Josh Donaldson